Types of Lawn and Garden Rentals and Applications

We offer a wide variety of lawn and garden equipment for professionals and DIY. Equip yourself with the right tools and equipment to protect your bottom line and complete your project like a pro. We will highlight some of our top rental items for your landscaping, honey do’s, and gardening projects.


We offer two types of landscape and garden tillers. Our first option is a 8hp front tine tiller, which is driven by the tines themselves, and great for tilling small areas that require more maneuverability. Option 2 is a rear tine 8hp rear tine tiller. The rear tine tiller is propelled by a set of all terrain tires and comes with multiple forward gears and a reverse gear. This unit is great for straight long passes and larger areas.    

Stump Grinder:

Oftentimes after storm damage or tree removal you may be left with an unwanted stump in your yard. A stump grinder gives you the ability to grind the stump down below the surface of your yard. We carry a Vermeer SC30tx, which is great for small to midsize stumps. This unit is self propelled on tracks and the grinding feature is joystick controlled. In other words, it’s very user friendly and easy to use for most operators. 


Chipping wood and tree debris is a great way to clean up your yard of fallen branches, limbs, trees, and brush. We offer two sizes of wood chippers, 12 and 6 inch, which refers to the maximum diameter of a tree or limb you can feed into the chipper. Always make sure that you are wearing all the necessary protective gear when operating any of our tools and equipment.  


Core aerating your lawn is the process of removing a small soil core from your lawn and dropping it on the surface using a piece of equipment called an Aerator. Depending on the type of lawn you have, it may be necessary to go through this process annually. The breakdown of the core adds nutrients to the grass and helps your lawn get more nutrients. We offer self propelled units that make this process faster and easier. 

The right lawn and garden equipment is essential for successfully completing a project in a reasonable time frame. Rather you are a DIY or professional you can drastically cut down on your labor and time by renting the right equipment for a particular application.

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