Aerator Self Propelled Core Rental Fayetteville GA


Width of tines is 20". Machine weight is 200 lbs. Weights can be removed for loading and unloading purposes.

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4 hours: $76
Daily: $109
Weekly: $436

Self-Propelled Core Aerator Rental

A self-propelled core aerator is an essential piece of equipment for lawn care and maintenance. Whether you're a homeowner with a small lawn or a professional landscaper tending to extensive grounds, a self-propelled aerator can make a significant difference in the health and appearance of your turf. At Able 2 Rent All, we offer a self-propelled lawn core aerator rental to help you enhance the health of your lawn and soil structure in Peachtree City, GA, Fayetteville, GA, or the surrounding areas.

Our Self-Propelled Aerator for Rent

The combination of an ample working width and open spoon tines of this self-propelled lawn core aerator rental enables you to quickly aerate your lawn. The working height of the unit may be adjusted for precise and consistent cores with each application. When on hills and slopes, the self-propelled aerator’s rear wheel control provides exceptional stability.

With its freewheel outer tine design, this self-propelled aerator enables easy aeration of tight corners and other locations. It also features a durable welded steel frame that provides ruggedness for regular operation in the field.

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Benefits of Our Core Aerator Rental

Our self-propelled core aerator rental offer a range of benefits, including:

  • Improved Lawn Health: Aeration enhances overall lawn health by ensuring that roots receive sufficient oxygen, water, and nutrients.

  • Increased Grass Resilience: Aeration helps grass withstand stressors like drought, foot traffic, and disease.

  • Enhanced Soil Structure: The removal of cores improves soil structure, reducing compaction and allowing for better drainage.

  • Aesthetic Improvement: A well-aerated lawn often appears greener and lusher due to improved grass growth.