DIY Fall Landscaping Tips

As the unrelenting heat finally starts to fade, the fall is an ideal time for yard work. By preparing in the fall, your yard will be in a better place to survive through the cold winter months. Able2RentAll has all the tools you need for your fall yard maintenance. We have everything from a simple weed eater to a heavy duty stump grinder. Consider these steps to make your yard a healthier and more beautiful place

·        Prune your Trees—Pruning is a vital step for the health of your trees and the safety of your yard. When trees near your home are not pruned, there is a greater risk of tree branches falling on your home when winter storms hit. We have ladders and lifts to help you reach hard to reach branches safely. Also, you could consider reserving a chipper to turn your green waste from pruning into useful wood chips. Wood chips can be placed in your garden beds to create a more manicured look. Also, wood chips can be utilized for mulching, which helps deliver nutrients to your soil.

·        Aerate your Soil—Whether you are hoping to improve your soil for a garden or just want a healthier lawn for curb appeal, aeration is a necessary step at least once a year. The process of aeration can help combat soil compaction and allow your soil to get better access to water, air, and nutrients. Healthier soil means healthier grass and plants. We have several aerator options for rent to help you give your soil the boost it needs.

·        Manage your Overgrowth—Because of the consistent sun and rain of summer, your yard is likely growing quickly. If you skipped your weekly mowing and weeding for a few weeks, your yard may be overrun by now. At Able2RentAll, we have a variety of tools to help you take back control. You could start with a hedge trimmer to get the shrubs under control and then use a weed eater to take care of weeds along the base of your house or driveway. If your overgrowth is more substantial throughout your yard, you could consider renting a walk behind brush cutter. Weeds will not stand a chance when you are armed with the right tools.

·        Lose the Unsightly Stumps—Stumps can take away from the beauty of your landscaping. Not only do they look unappealing, but they can also be a trip hazard and attract pests. You can rent a stump grinder from us and take care of the stumps properly. We have rental periods as short as 4 hours, so even if you only remove one stump, the cost will be worth it. Your yard will look better and be a safer place for your family when you remove any stumps on your property.

If you are ready to reserve your tools and work on your lawn, call Able2RentAll today. We have flexible rental periods and great rates on high quality tools to make your DIY lawn maintenance go smoothly.  

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