Do You Need Help Dealing with a Flood?

Whether you are a contractor, a plumber, or a homeowner, flood remediation can be a challenging job. You need access to many types of large equipment, most of which is not used for other types of projects. While more affordable versions of this equipment are available, the better versions of the equipment are relatively expensive. Able 2 Rent All gives you access to the best quality equipment. W provide rental services for the greater Atlanta area, including Peachtree City GA and Fayetteville GA.

If you need to purify the air in a contaminated area, you need ozone generator rental. Ozone generators create ozone that destroys odors or contaminants in air. They are great for fire remediation, mold remediation, or in any situation where there is air contamination. Ozone works to eliminate the odor-causing particles, resulting in air that is actually cleaner.

Are you dealing with a wet worksite? If you are trying to fix flood damage, you need a dehumidifier for rent. This is true whether you are dealing with water that came in from outside or purely interior sources of water. You want to remove as much moisture from the site as possible and a dehumidifier helps you accomplish that by removing moisture from the air.

Another great way to get water out of the air and off of surfaces is with fans. High volume fan rental helps remove water from the air, from carpets, and from textiles.

If you have carpets that are wet, you want to begin with a water extractor. These tools suck up and remove water from the carpets. However, if carpets have been thoroughly saturated, an extractor will not be able to remove enough water to prevent mold. You need carpet blower rental to get tools specifically designed to finish drying carpets.

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