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16" cut.

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Sod Cutter Rental

If you plan to remove sod in Fayetteville, GA or the surrounding areas, your reason may simply be to plant new grass, or perhaps start a garden or plant a flower bed. At Able 2 Rent All, we offer the cream of the crop in sod cutters the various industries rely on for long-lasting, dependable performance – the Ryan Jr. Sod Cutter.

This sod and turf cutter is both a workhorse and user-friendly, and is built with innovative technology that helps you get the job done right the first time. It is a machine designed to have a long service life.

Some of the benefits of the Jr. Sod Cutter include:

User-Friendly Operation

The user-friendly control panel of this sod removal tool allows the operator to complete sod cutting work with speed and efficiency.

Ultra-Low Vibration Technology

The unit’s rubber isolation mount significantly reduces shock and vibration to the arms.

Easy Maneuverability

You can maneuver this sod remover with excellent precision around tight spaces by simply unlocking the pneumatic rear caster wheel. If you need to go straight, simply re-lock the wheel.

Easy Adjustments to Blade Angle and Depth

Achieve unmatched precision cutting with this Jr. Sod Cutter rental regardless of soil condition or terrain by simply changing the blade depth and angle.

Optional Mole Blade Kit

With the mole blade kit, you can easily tunnel for the installation of tubing or wire up to five inches deep without causing any significant disturbance to the turf.

Get the job done faster than using a hand sod cutter or manual sod cutter with the Ryan Jr. Sod Cutter for rent.

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