28 Ton Towable Log Splitter Rental Fayetteville GA


Requires 2" trailer ball.
Will operate vertically or horizontally.

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4 hours: $65
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Weekly: $375

28-Ton Towable Log Splitter

The Oregon 28-Ton Towable Log Splitter we offer for rent is a robust and efficient machine designed to simplify the process of splitting logs for firewood or other purposes. Whether you're a homeowner with a substantial woodpile or a professional in the forestry or landscaping industry, this towable log and wood splitter can significantly improve your productivity in Fayetteville, GA, Peachtree City, GA, or the surrounding areas.

Below, we review the key features and benefits of the Oregon 28-Ton Towable Log Splitter rental.

Towable Design

One of the key advantages of this log splitter is its towable design, which allows it to be easily transported to different locations. You can attach it to a vehicle, making it suitable for use at various job sites or properties. It requires a 2" trailer ball and can operate horizontally or vertically.

High Splitting Power

The Oregon 28-Ton Towable Log Splitter is equipped with a powerful, heavy-duty hydraulic system capable of splitting large and stubborn logs with ease. With its commercial grade engine Its impressive splitting force reduces the time and effort required compared to manual splitting methods. You can split logs up to 26 inches in length with this 28-ton splitter rental.

Adjustable Splitting Options

This log splitter offers adjustable settings for splitting length and wedge height, allowing you to customize the machine's operation to your specific needs. Whether you need small or large firewood pieces, this flexibility ensures you can achieve the desired results.

Efficiency and Productivity

With its efficient operation, the Oregon 28-Ton Towable Log Splitter enables you to process a significant volume of wood quickly. It also features a utility jack that allows you to level the splitter on uneven terrain. This increased productivity is particularly beneficial for commercial applications and large firewood production.

The Oregon 28-Ton towable log and wood splitter rental is a powerful and versatile tool that can streamline the log splitting process for homeowners and professionals alike.

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