Mini Yanmar VIO27-5 Excavator Rental Newnan GA
Category: Earth Moving


Operating weight is 6,946 lbs. Diesel engine. 9' dig. 18" bucket. Machine is 5'1" wide and 8'3" tall. 

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4 hours: $215
Daily: $295
Weekly: $1125

Equipment for All of Your Excavating Needs

Do you have a big landscaping or construction job? Then you might need an excavator. Excavators are used for digging holes and trenches, lifting large objects, demolishing, placing objects, and landscaping tasks. You can also include special attachments to an excavator in order to accomplish other tasks. They are a great all-purpose tool for handling landscaping and construction projects. Able 2 Rent All offers Excavator Mini Yanmar VIO27-5 Rental. Serving the greater Atlanta metro area, we provide Yanmar VIO27-5 Mini Excavator rental in the Newnan GA and Fayetteville GA areas.

When should you choose a mini excavator? They are good for smaller jobs. Also known as compact excavators, these mini excavators are tracked or wheeled vehicles, usually fitted with a backfill blade and with a boom swing. They have the power to get the work done and the flexibility to perform multiple functions.

The Excavator Mini Yanmar VIO27-5 for rent is one of the best choices out there for compact excavators. Less than 14 feet in total length and just over 5 feet in width, it can fit into smaller spaces. The Yanmar VIO27-5 Mini Excavator for rent also offers almost 10 feet of loading height, over 15 feet of reach along the ground, and a max digging depth of just over 9 feet. It has a larger reference bucket capacity than two similar models and the same bucket capacity as the other competitor. This gives it great flexibility for large jobs. It is also known for its stability and precision, making them easy-to-use tools for almost every excavation application.

Ready to rent your excavator? Contact us today to set up the rental. We can rent hourly, with a minimum number of hours, or by the day. This gives you the right equipment for the entire duration of your job.