Concrete Pouring Tips for the Southeast

Concrete pouring is greatly impacted by climate and the seasons. Georgia’s humidity and heavy rainfall can make concrete pouring problematic at times. As suppliers of concrete tools, our team at Able 2 Rent All has picked up on some helpful tips for making your concrete process successful year-round.

Summer (May-September)—Georgia heat and humidity are at an all-time high during these summer months. The temperature extremes and almost daily rain downpours can make the summer season a challenge for concrete pouring. You could consider using hydration stabilizers, water reducers, or fly ask to maximize working life and performance. Some concrete contractors also like to use ice in their mix water to cool concrete during the transport process. The placement and curing phase of concrete can require adaptations during the hot summer. Ideally, place your concrete prior to 10 am. For larger projects, you may need to place concrete at night. Avoiding heat extremes and rainstorms will be crucial. In many cases, sprayers can be helpful for implementing a curing substance and agents for surface evaporative control. If your project is being completed on a day with possible rain, having plastic sheeting on hand would be wise. Since time is of the essence when completing a concrete job during the summer, consider renting a concrete buggy. A concrete buggy is the equivalent of 8 full wheelbarrow loads. At Able 2 Rent All, we rent concrete buggies to help you stay ahead of the heat and rain.

Fall (October-November)—Often, a Georgia fall is basically comparable to summer in many other states. The heat and humidity are still major factors when planning your concrete job. Additionally, hurricane season is going on during the fall. Keep an eye on the forecast when you are scheduling your concrete jobs since the weather can cause serious damage, especially to concrete that has not cured properly. You will probably be able to stop using stabilizing additives and stick with standard mix designs. If you had not already purchased plastic sheeting during the summer months, go ahead and get some for the fall season. Rain is still a major concern. Another tool which can speed up your timeline considerably is a skid steer with a bucket and jackhammer attachment. Using a skid steer minimizes the hard labor for your crew and conserves your time. Our skid steers are serviced regularly and are available for short and longer term rentals. Saving time is still important in the fall since heat and rain can still hinder your curing process.

Winter (December-March)—Because Georgia winters are generally very mild, this season can be ideal for concrete work. Weather is generally dry as rain is infrequent, and snow/ice would be even less likely. Because the temperatures are mild, most standard concrete mix designs will have sufficient suppressive strength without additives. Thankfully, the winter season does not require many adaptations to successfully place and cure concrete. Curing compounds can still be beneficial to ensure the job sets properly. If you do not have one already, a cut off saw can be helpful for getting clean lines on your final projects. We offer electric and gas models for rent at Able 2 Rent All.

Spring (March-April)—The daily temperatures are rising, and rainfall will be increasing, but the spring is still considered a relatively dry season. Concrete work generally cooperates well without the temperature extremes. Check your forecast before scheduling your jobs as rainfall potential is higher than the winter season. Standard mix designs will still most likely be fine, but you may want to consider adding fly ash and set retarders as the weather continues to warm up. If you need jack hammers for the job, we have jack hammers available that are quieter and put off less vibration than earlier models. Your crew will be more comfortable during the process.

We stock the finest tools to support concrete contractors at Able 2 Rent All. Our rental periods are flexible to fit your project’s needs. Reserve your tools today!

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