DIY Patio Remodel Tips

Your backyard can become a multi-functional space for enjoying a relaxing moment reading a book on your patio or preparing to host friends for a BBQ. Whether you are planning a DIY improvement of your patio or hoping to install a patio in the first place, Able 2 Rent All has the tools you need for your DIY project. Remodeling your patio and backyard can be completed without significant expense or hiring a professional if you think creatively. If you are still trying to imagine the possibilities, consider a few of these simple ideas.

·        Add Wood Chip Paths—Although this is not directly a change to your patio, your patio will be more impressive and functional when accented with paths. You could create wood chip paths leading to other places to relax in your yard, such as a hammock, bench, or playground. Wood chips can also look attractive along garden beds. Instead of hauling in a bunch of wood chips, use a chipper to make your own from your own green waste. Your yard will look better from being cleaned up and you care for the environment at the same time. Using a chipper is a win-win. Any leftover chips can be valuable as mulch for your garden as well. We can rent you a quality chipper for your project.

·        Set Up a Fire Pit—Whether roasting marshmallows or sitting around for warmth, a fire pit adds function and character to your patio entertaining space. You could buy a pre-made metal fire pit to add onto your patio or build your own from concrete blocks to set off your patio. If you choose to build your own, you may need to level out a spot for your fire pit. Earthmoving equipment, such as a skid steer or excavator could make this task much simpler. Also, they could be handy moving concrete blocks or rocks over to your intended location.

·        Install a Pergola—Pergolas provide the practical value of shade, but they are also beautiful and multi-functional. You could have plants or vines growing on your pergola. Lanterns or string lights could be hung on the pergola to enhance your outdoor entertaining in the evening. You could build your own pergola, but there are many pre-made options to simplify the process.

·        Expand Your Patio or Pathways—Concrete is the cheapest material for your patio, but that does not mean that it cannot be impressive. You could utilize a mold to create a design or pattern in your concrete. Another possibility is painting or staining your concrete. There are products on the market now specifically designed for staining and painting concrete. If you have an existing concrete patio, you could refinish the surface or just expand the concrete pad to allow for more entertaining. You could create concrete pathways to lead to your garden, shed, playground, or other features in your yard. Any concrete project is made simpler by using a concrete buggy. Using a wheelbarrow for concrete is exhausting. You will be making lots of trips. A concrete buggy can carry about 6 times the weight of a wheelbarrow.

·        Invest in New Furniture—A new patio set can make a dramatic difference in the look and appearance of your patio. If you have a large patio or outdoor entertaining space, you may even have room for multiple seating areas, such as a couch-style seating area and a dining table for outdoor meals.

Whether you need a concrete buggy, excavator, skid steer, chipper, or any other landscaping tool, Able 2 Rent All can help. We provide the tools you need to make your DIY project simple and successful.

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