3 Tools That Will Make Any Concrete Job Easier

Whether implementing concrete sidewalks, pouring a foundation, or anything in between, concrete work is a heavy-duty job. Concrete work requires a lot of manual labor, but these tools can help lighten the load on your crew. You can explore our available tools on our Able 2 Rent All website, but we wanted to showcase some of the most helpful ones for concrete work.

· Dump Buggies—There are some jobs where you cannot get the cement truck to the desired location. Instead of forcing your crew to take a ton of trips with a wheelbarrow, you can utilize a gas-powered dump buggy to transport concrete. A dump buggy will have over 6 times the weight capacity of a standard wheelbarrow. By using the dump buggy, you can complete your work without exhausting your team. When your team has more energy and greater efficiency, you will likely complete the job faster and be able to move on to the next one.

· Cut Off Saws—Whether you are cutting concrete and masonry for a new construction project, creating small holes, adjusting door or window openings, or cutting pavers for landscaping, a gas-powered cut-off saw has the power and precision for the job. Cut-off saws can also cut pipes if needed around the slab of a home. Our cut-off saws come with beneficial features to take care of your crew, such as anti-vibration technology to allow your team to work comfortably for longer periods and filtration to limit exhaust fumes and preserve engine life.

· Skid Steers with Bucket and Jack Hammer Attachments—A skid steer could be the M.V.P. of your job site when you have multiple valuable attachments. You could use the skid steer’s bucket for earthmoving tasks and prepping the ground for concrete work. A skid steer can also be used for removing existing masonry using the jackhammer attachment. The jackhammer attachment can cut easily through 6 inches of concrete. Leveraging the over 6,000 lbs of operating weight can help you complete a job more efficiently, instead of expending the energy of your crew using jackhammers.

Concrete is a heavy-duty task, but there is no need to make it harder than necessary. Our tools can help your team be more efficient and effective. Reserve your tools online, in-store, or over the phone with Able 2 Rent All!

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