The Best Landscaping Equipment Rentals for Spring

As the beauty and new life of spring are starting, this is a great time for landscaping. We have the ideal equipment for your landscaping ventures. Able 2 Rent All has a variety of tools available which you can explore via our website, but we wanted to spotlight a few popular ones for landscaping!

  • Chipper–Instead of having to haul away green waste from your customers’ yards, you can chip limbs on site. Our towable chippers can accept limbs from 1-12 feet and turn them into reusable chips. Not only will you get rid of the sticks, but you could even choose to repurpose the wood chips for improving lawn aesthetics. Since you are recycling unwanted branches into wood chips, you can save your overall lawn improvement budget since you can avoid purchasing wood chips. Leftover wood chips could also be used for improving the health of the homeowner’s garden soil.
  • Excavator-This little land mover is ideal if your landscaping project requires land clearing, such as building a retaining wall or creating a decorative water element. An excavator can work in tight places so you will be able to complete your landscaping work even in smaller yards. We offer two different sizes and we are happy to help you determine the best excavator for your job.
  • Weed Eater-Our gas-powered weed eaters can help you retake control of an overgrown yard easily. Since spring is a time of new growth, it should not surprise you that weeds grow well during this season too. Weeds can choke out plants and steal valuable nutrients in the soil. A weed eater can help conserve your team’s time while getting unruly lawns under control.
  • Tiller—Rear Tine 5 HP-When you use a self-propelled tiller, you can break through 10 inches of packed soil in a breeze. This is an ideal tool if your customer is hoping to start a garden. Georgia red clay can be a beast to try and break up using a shovel or hoe. A tiller puts the joy back in gardening by taking away the most unpleasant laborious part. The tiller is a game-changing yard tool.
  • Aerator-This self-propelled tool helps you perform a necessary maintenance step for your customers’ yards. Aeration helps combat soil compaction, allowing water, air, and nutrients to penetrate the ground properly. Generally, aeration is not necessary more than once a year so renting an aerator makes sense to avoid storing a bulky tool year-round. The machine weighs about 200 lbs., but the weights can be removed for easier unloading and loading by your lawn crew. 

All these tools and more are ready for rental at Able 2 Rent All. Schedule your rental online, over the phone, or at our store. Helping your customer secure “Yard of the Month” is just a couple of tools away!

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