Ladder Safety Tips for Holiday Decorating

Whether hanging simple icicle lights around your home’s exterior or creating an elaborate holiday display stretching from the street to your roof, decorating your home safely should be your top priority. Homeowners can be seriously injured from ladder falls. Being in the hospital from a fall will quickly take away your holiday cheer. Able 2 Rent All has a wide variety of ladders and lifting equipment available to help support your holiday decorating. Renting equipment can be far more cost effective than storing a bulky ladder that you only use once a year. Before you start up the rungs, consider these important tips for your safety:

·        Get a Decorating Buddy—Not only is having a friend along more fun, but it is also much safer to decorate with a ladder buddy. You will have someone spotting your ladder and handing you decorations. Your chance of falling will be greatly diminished.

·        Choose the Right Size Ladder—You need a ladder that is tall enough without you needing to step on the top rung. Many ladder accidents occur when someone is standing on the top rung straining to reach. We have a wide variety of ladder sizes, so we can help you determine the ideal sized ladder.

·        Never Lean Away From the Ladder—Even if you are just leaning for a second to hang or adjust something, that is long enough to become unsteady and fall. Climbing down to move your ladder may seem like an unnecessary hassle and waste of time but getting injured will cause a much greater inconvenience.

·        Set Your Ladder on Level Ground—A ladder needs to be level to be secure. If you must hang something on an unlevel surface, place a board under the legs as needed to even it out.

·        Test the Stability of Your Ladder—Before you climb up, check to make sure your ladder is fully open and positioned against the wall. If you are decorating a tree on your property, brace the ladder against the trunk of the tree if possible.

·        Do Not Give a Ladder a Boost—Ladders are not meant to be extended without an actual ladder extension. Trying to balance your ladder on something to gain a little height is asking for an ER visit before you finish making your yard festive.

·        Explore Ladder Alternatives—Ladders can be great tools for decorating, but they are not the only option available for getting to hard-to-reach places. If you are doing extensive decorating on the edge of your home or roof, scaffolding equipment might be more suitable and secure. Our team of equipment experts would be happy to guide you to the ideal equipment to fit your decoration design plan.

When you are ready to start your seasonal decorating, reach out to Able 2 Rent All for a quality and affordable equipment rental. We wish all the best for your family this holiday season!

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