5 Fall Yard Projects to Tackle

Cooler temperatures and falling leaves are just around the corner. Fall weather can be so pleasant and perfect for outdoor projects. If you are ready to enjoy the beautiful weather and improve your yard at the same time, call Able 2 Rent All to get the proper equipment for your fall projects. We have a wide range of equipment available to help you achieve your autumn goals. When you are ready to head into the yard, consider doing these perfect for fall projects:

·    Aerate Your Yard—Aeration is important for your lawn’s long-term health. The process of aeration improves soil compaction, removes thatch, and helps your yard acquire the air and water needed to be healthy. The fall is the ideal time to aerate. Since you do not need to aerate frequently, it makes sense to rent an aerator instead of purchasing one. We have aerators available to support you in your DIY aeration efforts.

·    Fight Back Your Weeds—With all the summer rainfall, weeds can grow extremely quickly and overtake your yard. Weeds do not do as well in cold temperatures so doing this in the fall once could be enough to stave off the weeds until spring. We provide weed eaters at an affordable rate. Also, you will not have another yard tool to clutter up your garage when you choose to rent instead.

·    Prune Your Trees—When your trees are not well-maintained, you are more likely to end up with a branch or maybe an entire tree on your roof during winter storms. Pruning is a process of removing branches preemptively to keep them from becoming problematic later. Now is a great time to prune so your trees can recover before the harsh cold temperatures hit. If you have some taller trees or bushes that need pruning, you may need a scissor lift to reach them safely. Our scissor lifts can help you reach the tree without endangering yourself in the DIY pruning process.

·    Plant a Fall Garden—Although some winter plants must be planted in the spring, there are still plenty of plants worth growing starting in the fall. You can still plant onions, garlic, shallots, broad beans, perpetual spinach, spring onions, asparagus, and peas. Planting a garden with just a shovel is extremely tiring and time-consuming. Able 2 Rent All stocks tillers to make gardening much simpler. You can let the tiller do the hard part and you can enjoy the benefits of fresh grown produce this winter.

·   Manage Your Leaves—When the leaves cover your yard like a blanket, you can spend the entire day raking them up and bagging them. Instead of spending all this time, blow away your leaves with a backpack blower. Using a blower is much more efficient time-wise.

When you are ready to start your fall yard projects, reach out to Able 2 Rent All for an affordable and convenient rental. We have a vast array of tools and equipment to help with all your needs. 

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