5 Reasons Why Contractors Should Consider Renting vs. Buying


As a contractor, your success hinges on being able to provide quality and timely work while still turning a profit. Every decision you make from hiring subcontractors to purchasing equipment will impact how profitable your work will be. At Able 2 Rent All, we partner with contractors to outfit them with the equipment they need to complete their valuable work. If you are unsure renting equipment makes sense, consider these benefits when making your decision:

Gain Access to a Variety of the Latest Equipment—If your contracting business uses many different types of machinery, renting may be a wise choice. Renting allows you to have access to a wide-range of equipment without having to purchase them. Also, through renting, you can use the latest equipment instead of being locked into owning a piece of equipment which could become outdated. Purchasing may be sensible if you have the capital to buy the equipment, the space to store it, and the equipment will be used daily. If you are not certain on your budget, storage options, or usage, call Able 2 Rent All and we can help you determine if renting would better suit your business and wallet.

Avoid Overhead Cost for Storage—Having the right equipment at your disposal any time you need it is nice, but requires that you have a place to store it. You have to pay overhead costs to store the equipment safely so it will not be damaged when not in use. If your contracting business does not have a location with proper storage capacity, renting may be a good alternative. You can have the equipment transported directly to your job site and picked up when you are done. Rental periods can be custom-built to fit your timeline and needs.

Save Time and Money on Upkeep—Ownership can be nice, but all assets come with responsibility. If you own a piece of equipment, you will have to maintain the equipment carefully to protect your investment and ensure it functions properly. Additionally, you have to factor in insurance, operating costs, and compliance with government regulations. If you are using rental equipment, you are not responsible for these costs. Renting allows you the benefit of having equipment without extra maintenance work after a long day on the job.

Try Out Equipment Before Purchasing—If you are unsure which type of machinery or brand would best suit your business, you could rent the equipment for a job to see how it goes. Essentially, you are taking it on a test run. This could help avoid making a costly purchase you end up regretting. Through renting, you can find the best equipment for your business with a much less financial investment.

Save Money Now—The upfront costs of getting a business off the ground can be overwhelming. If your budget is tight, renting equipment could be a great option for saving money while you establish your business. Later down the line when you have a successful and sustainable business, you could consider purchasing the equipment you need. 

If you are interested in learning more about our rental equipment, reach out to Able 2 Rent All today! We are happy to work with you to help find the best rental plan to save your money and boost your business.

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