Why You Shouldn’t Use Your Mower To Cut Through Tall Brush

Your yard can quickly get overtaken with weeds and brush during the summer, especially because of the consistent summer showers. Once your lawn has become overgrown, it’s challenging to retake control. A traditional style lawn mower is designed and built to cut grass and typically will not have the horsepower and cutting ability to handle a tough job. When it comes to lawn care, staying on top of your lawn maintenance regularly is much simpler than playing catch up, but if your yard is already overrun with brush you may not have the best equipment to handle the job. At Able 2 Rent All, we offer a wide variety of yard equipment rentals, including brush cutters, dethatchers, and chippers to help make the job easier. If you are still thinking about tackling brush with your mower, consider this first:

·        You Could Damage Your Mower—Traditional lawn mowers are designed to cut only grass, ideally under 4 inches in height. For a lawn mower to stay in good working order, it should be used on a yard which is mowed at least every 2-3 weeks. Attempting to cut through brush and overgrown weeds could cause damage to your mower’s blade or housing creating additional repair costs. Also, typical lawn mower engines have between 2-6 horsepower and lack the power to handle tough jobs, while tools designed to handle brush boast about 10-20 horsepower.

·        Overgrown Yards May Require Special Tools—A brush cutter or brush mower is designed to tackle grass up to 6 inches, weeds up to 8 feet high, and saplings up to 3 inches thick. This is the beast you need to tackle a tough out of control yard. Large hedge trimmers are great for removing low hanging branches or overgrown shrubs. Buying a brush cutter or other heavier duty equipment is an added expense and another tool to take up space in your garage, and quite frankly, not necessary.  With Able 2 Rent All, you can rent the yard maintenance equipment you need, complete the job, and return it back to us. With yard equipment rentals, you get the results you need at a lower cost while preserving storage space.

Once you take down the overgrowth, you can return to cutting your yard with your traditional lawn mower. If your yard is winning the battle and you need reinforcements, call Able 2 Rent All to reserve the yard equipment you need to retake control of your yard.

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