Summer Lawn Care Tips

Summer is officially here. In the season of barbecues and pool parties, having your lawn ready to enjoy is important. By following a simple lawn care regimen, your yard will be in ideal shape for making memories with your family and friends. At Able 2 Rent All, we can support your lawn maintenance through quality equipment rentals. If you do not have the tools you need, our team can help you find just what you need to care for your lawn properly. Follow these tips to keep your lawn healthy through the summer heat:

Cut Your Lawn Long

Although many people like cutting their hair shorter to stay cool in the summer, the same principle does not work for your grass. Longer blades of grass will help prevent your ground from becoming scorched and limit weed growth and competition. Having your blades sharp is important to prevent tearing. When you rent a lawnmower from Able 2 Rent All, you will never have to worry about the condition of the blades. Make sure to leave the grass trimmings because they will break down and nourish your yard.

Lawn Care Tool

 Be Prepared for Pests

Warmer weather brings out a lot of bugs, unfortunately. June bugs, Japanese beetles, and European chafers are especially harmful to your grass. Preventative grub control products can protect your grass from these grubs so start applying right away.

Pest Control

 Get Rid of Weeds

Weeds can grow up quickly and compete for nutrients from your grass and plants. Additionally, they will take away from the aesthetic of your yard. There are herbicides that can kill weeds, but they can have some impact on your grass. If possible, hand pulling weeds is the safest choice for your lawn. Pulling them early before they can become larger and deeply rooted is best.

Weed Control

Nourish Your Yard

Your lawn needs food and water. The hot sun can easily dry out your yard. Watering your yard once or twice a week can help keep your soil moist. Make sure to water long enough for the water to seep down about 4-6 inches. Watering in the morning is ideal so the ground can soak up the moisture before the sun dries it up. If it is a rainy week, watering may not be necessary so pay attention to your local forecast. In addition to water, your yard’s growth and health can be greatly improved by using lawn food or fertilizer. There are many products that can be applied easily by homeowners.


If you need lawn care equipment to get your lawn summer-ready, call Able 2 Rent All or check out our online inventory. We have a wide variety of equipment, including lawnmowers, aerators, and more. Start on your lawn maintenance now so you will be ready for outdoor fun with your friends and family.

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